With the first electropolishing patent established in 1912, electropolishing is a relatively new and constantly evolving process that is now becoming the replacement for mechanical polishing in almost every industry. Using a reverse plating technique, electropolishing involves immersing a metal or alloy in a chemically balanced solution through which a low voltage is passed.

This controlled process removes microscopic amounts of metal from the object's surface to reveal the basic metal surface - a surface which is bright, clean and microscopically smooth. Electropolishing is an extremely effective process because unlike conventional metal finishing, electropolishing does not smear, bend, stress or fracture the metal, whereas fragile or complex parts may be impossible to treat with mechanical methods,

Electro-Kleen can electropolish a wide range of metal parts, including gears and roller bearings, surgical instruments, pump and valve shafts, knives, fabricated tanks, and welded tubular products.

By undergoing the Electro-Kleen electropolishing process, metals not only perform better, they look great - at a cost which is significantly lower than mechanical polishing.