Every day, Electro-Kleen's clients save money and achieve exceptional results by switching from the expensive mechanical polishing process to electropolishing.

Electropolishing has a wide range of benefits:

Quick turnaround

Electro-Kleen works multiple shifts to work around the clock, and can electropolish a large number of parts simultaneously, thus reducing the amount of costly turnaround time.


Electropolishing removes unwanted metal, ion by ion, and can accurately polish surfaces at minute levels of detail - in some cases, to the accuracy of 0.0001 to 0.0025 inches.

Increased life span and durability

By eliminating surface imperfections, electropolishing reduces stress-related cracking & metal fatigue. The life span of the metal is also increased since electropolishing, being a passivation process, maximizes corrosion protection and reduces tarnishing in most metals and alloys.

Enhanced physical appearance

Electropolishing achieves a microscopically featureless surface that is lustrous, bright, and smooth, without the smears or fine directional lines from abrasive polishing.

Cost savings

Electropolishing is achieved at a fraction of the price of mechanical polishing, and produces long-term savings by increasing production cycles and decreasing cleaning time.

Ease of cleaning

In industries in which contamination and lack of hygiene are hazardous, electropolishing is necessary to achieve optimum sterilization.